Te Aurere
Te Aurere



This page shows Te Tai Tokerau Tarai waka featuring in the media, see the top of the page for Newspaper/written articles and the bottom for TV clips.

10.12.2008 The Dominion Post= Waka arrives with tales aplenty

04.12.2008 The Taranaki Daily News = Waka hourua arrives in New Plymouth

02.12.2008 The NZ Herald = Setting sail for the hearts of the young

26.11.2008 The Northern Advocate = Te Aurere sails away for fourth time

New Waka Hourua takes to the water = The launching of our second waka hourua 'Ngahiraka mai tawhiti' in August 2008

Sin at Awarua = Ben Finney talks about an ancient curse that was placed on the old marae of Taputapuatea in Rai'atea and how Te Aurere was involved in lifting the curse hundreds of years later.


Ngahiraka mai tawhiti

The launching of the second waka hourua in Taipa









The Pao Ceremony

Hekenukumai, Jacko, Piripi Evans and Tua Pittman attend the Pao ceremoney in Satawal, Micronesia where Mau Piailug is from.








Maori and Viking sailors meet

Hekenukumai and Captain Soren Thirslund (an expert on ancient Viking Navigation) discuss similarities in traditional sailing and navigating techniques between Maori and Viking.








Jack Thatcher-Navigator

Jack Thatcher talks about traditional navigation and how he was taught from the master Mau Piailug.